Andrew Wiggins is dealing with major personal problems, according to a Warriors player

Andrew Wiggins has not played in a game since February 14th, and a teammate of his on the Warriors has disclosed a major problem, saying, “What he’s dealing with, is some real (crap).”
An anonymous teammate told Marcus Thompson II that “what he’s dealing with is some serious (crap).”
Everyone on the outside is interested in what is going on with Wiggins, but the team and the player have stayed silent on the subject. Instead, teammates show their support for Wiggins.

“It was just a kind message of encouragement from a college player and friend to him. “Because he will be gone for such a long time, this is an unfortunate but necessary circumstance,” Curry explained.
“In comparison to the existence, basketball is a drop in the bucket. Whatever problems he and his family are facing, that is the only issue you should be concerned about. I have no question that he will return whenever it is convenient for him. In terms of availability, he is built precisely like this. I’m sure he misses the group’s energy and companionship, and I can promise you that we feel the same way about him.”

Someone going so long has never occurred before.

Wiggins has now missed 13 consecutive games for the Golden State Warriors, including Wednesday’s 134-126 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. He has been missing since February 14th.
So far this season, he has averaged 17.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in 37 games.
Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters before Saturday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Chase Center that the team is optimistic Andrew Wiggins will be able to return this season, but that the Warriors will continue to give him space and did not provide any further updates. The Warriors defeated the Bucks 125-116 in the final contest.